Our founder, Daniel appreciates his adventurous childhood growing up on Saint Helena Island where he says his love for the outdoors was born.  He remembers daily adventures on ATVs spent exploring acres of fields and forested areas from sunrise to sundown, many hours spent seeking shade under an Oak's canopy and observing an abundance of wildlife. When he wasn't in school or out exploring the lands, he could be found on the boat with his parents exploring the lowcountry waterways.
His love of the outdoors followed him through college where his graduate studies focused on environmental management. From there he spent many years climbing the corporate ladder of a prestigious aviation manufacturer, becoming successful in the field of environmental sustainability until he decided it was time to pursue something that had been on his mind for quite some time. 
After much time manifesting his dream, Get Outdoors became a reality in June 2019 when its doors opened to the public.
"Our goal here is that our alternative rental fleet will fill a void for locals and tourists alike, as exploring by car has its limitations, you kind of miss the experience. You want to feel the breeze, hear the birds and smell the flowers, to really enjoy the moment and that's why Get Outdoors is here." - Daniel Garvin 
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